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Wellbeing for you and your home



~Member of the Japan Association for Obesity Prevention and Health


During my first pregnancy, I started to learn Aromatherapy then I was qualified as an aromatherapist at Neal's Yard The school of natural medicines in Tokyo.  I often smell very strongly of perfume and use aromatic oils in place of perfume.

I love natural products, grow plants, make bath salts with tinctures, and make simple homeopathic products for home use.

Stones are the same natural product. When my boy was small, they picked them up from the street and gave them as gifts.


The candles I make are made from 100% beeswax and 98% beeswax wicks. They are all handmade, so each has a different face and is fun to make. Beeswax is said to have an 'air-cleaning effect' to help prevent hay fever and house dust.

Since I started making candles, I have learned even more about air's importance at The Air Pollution - a Global Threat to our Health course.

Beeswax candles have an excellent effect, but not many variations we can find in general.

I hope you enjoy your home every day by using them well with candles of other properties such as paraffin the different use or Vegan.

I am happy if you feel comfortable using the products I sell here.


If you are interested in our product for your shop or Hotel, Restaurant, Photoshooting, event, please let us know via Contact.

It will be taking over all your generation to generation with your precious stones. You may feel “I want to have bigger “, “I want to have something like this” at least once. This theme is also popular in the fashion industry subject of Feng Shui.

Not only Feng Shui, but just a little arrangement of one space will enrich your daily life.

Crystal stones are known for their extraordinary power, but they also power up rooms change into gem-like looks room.

I'm sure the presence of one crystal stone will heal your room.

 Original healthy candles for your use.

Can you eat next smokers?

Candles made with paraffin made next to your smoke are unhealthy.
Sometimes worst than smoke from cigarettes.

Our Original candles "All Bee series candle wicks are bee-wax."
no perfume, no color, but food safe. Even vegan candles are with bee-wax wicks. Please read more about the " Bee series here."

Perfume candles 
They are all vegan. As they have perfume, they are not with bee-wax. However, the smell of candles is chosen by an aromatherapist.

Healing candles
Original hands created our healing candles. Let's cheer up your moods!
Those are vegan wax and bee-wax wicks or Vegan&Vegan. 
Suitable for Healthy meditation or your room. The perfumes are mixed with original pure aroma oils.

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