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Wellbeing for you and your home



-Member of the Japan Association for Obesity Prevention and Health


-Completed shamanic herbalism course


I live in Switzerland and am a mother of two boys.

I started learning aromatherapy during my first pregnancy as I thought it could be helpful after childbirth. I qualified as an aromatherapist at Neal's Yard Remedies in Tokyo. 

I listened to much music and ate good food during my pregnancy with prenatal care in mind.

I chose 'aromatherapy' because of the nurturing of my child and the new idea of ' to start human development education during pregnancy for the baby.', which was mainstream in Japan at the time.

It was a time when the focus was on 'nurturing the baby from when they are in the mother's belly', to the extent that some mothers even started learning music.

Ever since they were born, I have read many books and paid attention to everything they eat, see and touch.


I have always loved natural things, growing plants, and making bath salts in the kitchen. And my 'hobby I like ' accelerated into simple homoeopathic products for the home and other homemade items. One of the item was a candle.

At first, it made candles more creative way. Eventually, My candles go from paraffin to organic wax and beeswax.

It is like a "The more you get used to it, the more particular things you like".


The candles on this site are made with 100% beeswax and 98% beeswax wicks. They are all handmade, so each has a different face and is fun to make.

Beeswax is said to have an 'air purifying effect' to prevent hay fever and house dust and is also said to work best for energy cleaning.


I would like to share our products and methods for stimulating the senses with you on these pages.

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