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Use of marjoram

Holistic Human Therapist is Stimulate the Five Senses.  Creating Ideas to Optimize Oneself using Herbs, Aromas Introduce Gentle Substances into the Body in a Matter of Seconds or Minutes at Home.

As a holistic human therapist and writer, I specialize in developing recipes and techniques that involve the use of crystals, herbs, candles, and other elements to stimulate the five senses and optimize oneself in a gentle and efficient manner. These practices allow individuals to introduce beneficial components into their bodies quickly and easily at home.


Holistic Human Therapist 

​Limi Bolomier

  • Member of the Japan Association for Obesity Prevention and Health

  • Aromatherapist

  • Completed shamanic herbalism course

  • Certified Meditation Coach & Master Teacher / Online course coming soon 

  • Herb Blend Creator

  • Digital Marketer

Obesity Prevention Association and Me

I was interested in caregiving jobs like finger exercises, but when I felt unable to take responsibility due to language issues, I launched a portal site.

In reality, seniors in Switzerland are very energetic and felt that a portal site was unnecessary. Then, I thought about caregiving meals for those in need of care.

Since the ingredients are significantly different and it's not a fish culture, I gave up on this idea as well.

While exploring various options, I came across a "beauty food course".

As I originally love eating, I decided to study "good eating habits, menus, and ingredients" for the person eating.

After completing the beauty food course, I registered with the Obesity Prevention Association. At the same time, I began studying herbalism.

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