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Honey-powered beauty

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Honey, known for its fatigue-relieving and brain-boosting properties, is also a first-prize winner in the beauty category.

Substitute nourishing honey for a facial cleanser, and your skin will look like a baby.

The skin on your face is connected to your scalp by a single skin layer, so ageing can also be slowed down by packing your scalp with honey. By toning the scalp, your face will also be firmer.

Beauty from the scalp

Honey has a peeling effect and is dangerous to scrub.

In addition to the peeling effect, vitamin B activates the hair matrix cells in the scalp, and polyphenols are effective against hair loss and have antioxidant properties.

In addition, it has a hemopoietic effect and contains folic acid, so it can be said that honey is the best thing for the scalp environment.

It is easy to use and is applied to the scalp before bathing. Unlike a masseuse, who is knowledgeable about the technique and the amount of pressure, the average home user applies the honey directly to the scalp without massaging and leaves it on for 20 minutes.

If you feel sticky and uncomfortable, a steamed towel pack in the bath is recommended.

If you have dry skin or severe hair loss, use honey's nourishing properties to give your scalp a healthy scalp with natural nutrients without chemicals. It helps to even out the nutritional and moisture balance. Improved blood circulation allows oxygen and nutrients to be carried along with the blood to the capillaries in the scalp.

Maintaining a healthy scalp is key to growing healthy hair that does not fall out easily!

Scalp care using raw honey applies to all ages and genders.

Types of honey

Useable honey only applies to unheated natural honey. Most commercially available honey is often combined with sweeteners and other ingredients, and even among natural honey, the nutrients vary depending on the type of flower.

Most honey used in head spas is non-treated acacia honey, which is of such high quality that it is also used in Ayurveda.

Honey is said to break down nutrients and enzymes when heated above 45°C. Using only unheated natural materials can leave the nutrients for skin care.

Candles made from beeswax are a different story in that beeswax never be boiled.

Although treated natural honey is often more expensive, it is still more affordable and of higher quality than expensive cosmetics that are laced with a lot of additives.

If you have some natural honey sleeping around in your kitchen, why not give it a try as soon as possible?

For your daily facial care

You might feel that your face is sticky on a summer morning.

Try applying honey and leaving it on before washing your face. It will cleanse and remove excess ingredients from your face without needing a cleanser.

It is not impossible to use it every morning, but as honey contains a peeling effect, we recommend using it once a week if your skin is sensitive.

Consuming a spoonful of honey every morning can also help keep the anti-ageing benefits from within the body.

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