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Original Stone Decor 

Make you and your home more comfortable


5% of our site sales will be donated to Children of the Sun

We offer recipe development using herbs, menu creation for photography purposes, and consultation for events involving herbs and crystal decorations.

”It is said that by stimulating the five senses, half of the daily stress can be alleviated. Pleasant scents and beautiful things are believed to calm the mind.”


Contributing to Magazines

We have written an article on Swiss natural therapy for a Japanese therapist magazine. We offer print, web, and web SEO writing services. We can assist with a wide range of topics, including holistic approaches, cooking, lifestyle, and more.

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List of Services
Please contact us  via LINE ID @holistic

Herb Blends

We will blend herbs according to your needs. This service is available for cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

Crystal Grid

Discover methods to align your heart while moving your fingertips.

Accepting individuals, starting from 50 CHF.

Homeopathy at Home

Learn how to create homemade homeopathy using tinctures that can be easily stored and used at home.

Accepting registrations from 5 participants: Starting from 20 CHF per person.

Writing Services

Offering online temporary teaching and article contributions.

Customizable Moxibustion with Fragrance

We create custom moxibustion blends by combining mugwort with other herbs and adding aromas.

Export to Japan

Assisting in the sale of your holistic products in the Japanese market. We provide support from web presence to logistics until your brand is established.

New Articles on Health wellness

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