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Original Stone Decor 

Make you and your home more comfortable


We offer recipe development using herbs, menu creation for photography purposes, and consultation for events involving herbs and crystal decorations.

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5% of our site sales will be donated to Children of the Sun

List of Services

This is a list of services provided on our website. For further information, please contact us via Skype at @limibolomier or through the contact form.

Contributions to Various Media Outlets

I have extensive knowledge in content marketing and also contribute articles to media outlets in the holistic industry. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Candle Making

I engage in candle making, excluding any unnecessary materials. You can check out my past works in the gallery

Creating Moxa for Moxibustion

I craft original moxa for moxibustion. I blend selected herbs, including mugwort, from a wide range of herbs.

Recipe Development

I specialize in herb-based ingredients and creating recipes that combine Japanese and Western influences. I can develop new recipes based on specified ingredients.

Crystals & Herbs

I create artworks using crystals and herbs for advertisements and events related to healing and more.

Bringing Your Holistic Products to the Japanese Market

At our company, we provide services such as product management, logistics, public relations, and product branding within Japan. Companies looking to enter the Japanese market are welcome to consult with us. Please feel free to reach out.

New Articles on Health wellness

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