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Writing Activities for Healing

There is multiple way we can do our own healing such as Yoga , Candles, Sport , Drinking, Speaking , Meditation , Trip,Animals Ritual , Ceremony .

Helena, Intersectional feminist scholar-activist living, said that

She said that " journaling can help you rest and restore. There are six different ways to use self-care journaling to calm your mind, nourish your spirit, and foster self-love and self-acceptance."

Also Harvard Business Review said "Writing Can Help Us Heal from Trauma".

In modern society, we often prioritize manners as an adult, and I think we often have them in our hearts.

Realities that you don't want to tell people can be a great way to relieve stress by writing them down, throwing them away, writing them down and reading them repeatedly, and writing them down.

Visible Evidence

One such study examined the effect of expressive writing on wound healing in older adults. In the study, the experimental group engaged in expressive writing for 20 minutes a day for 3 consecutive days, while the control group wrote about daily activities. Two weeks after witting, all participants were given a biopsy wound on the inner arm. Surprisingly, participants in the expressive writing condition had a greater portion of the wound healed (76%) than did those in the control group (only 42% healed) after a period of 11 days.

The light of a candle is soothing just by looking at it, but it is also a recommended method for those who cannot digest it by itself. This can be writing an article, painting, drawing something you use your hand and input on the paper or your PC.

If there are still events that you can't digest, why not write them first?

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