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Brain Care

When the brain ages, the skin also shows signs of aging.

Because this is about ...

Accumulating stress on the brain =The aging of the brain

When stress accumulates in the brain, hormone activity significantly decreases. Revitalizing a tired brain can be effectively achieved through approaches from both external and internal sources, working in tandem to yield positive results.

External Brain Care Approaches

  • Engage in physical activity such as yoga, jogging, and meditation.

  • Practice meditation while moving the body.

Internal Brain Care Approaches

  • Utilize aromatherapy, herbs, and dietary therapy.

  • Implement holistic approaches to nourish the brain.

Mental Approach

  • Incorporate methods including meditation and healing, encompassing spiritual care as well.


The Impact of foods on Brain Function

Multiple studies have shown that food has an impact on memory and concentration. In fact, certain foods have been found to significantly improve cognitive function and are strongly recommended in cases of specific impairments. Certain nutrients, especially omega-3 fatty acids and polyphenols, contribute to enhancing brain function and improving memory.

The human brain is composed of approximately 100 billion nerve cells. These nerve cells are interconnected by a fatty coating called myelin. Therefore, consuming omega-3 fatty acids is recommended to enhance the structure of nerve cells.

Iron deficiency affects intellectual abilities. Lean meat, green and yellow vegetables, quinoa, and shellfish are good sources of iron and are effective for brain care.


Metabolism can also be effectively optimized through external approaches, but it is important to proactively approach it from the inside as well.

Metabolism encompasses various processes such as basal metabolism, cellular metabolism, lipid metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, bone metabolism, drug metabolism, energy metabolism, and epidermal metabolism, each occurring at different speeds depending on the location. The skin, for example, has a faster turnover rate with a 28-day cycle, while bones are believed to renew themselves over a period of two years.

Every day, around one trillion cells become waste and are eliminated from the body as urine and feces. Although the number might seem astonishing, the approximately 60 trillion cells in the body undergo approximately 80% turnover within about six months and 99% turnover within three years.

This implies that by being mindful of the food we consume from now on, we can ensure that everything will be replaced with healthy cells within three years.

As humans, we are omnivores. Let's skillfully consume food while maintaining balance. When it comes to brain care, the fundamental aspect is "what we put into our mouths”.

Brain Care Beauty Vitamins

Most vitamins are not synthesized within the body. It is important to actively introduce them into the body.

  • Vitamin A - Fat-soluble vitamin (prevents skin roughness)

  • Vitamin B complex - Water-soluble vitamin (activates skin cell renewal, promotes skin growth, improves skin blood circulation)

  • Vitamin C - Water-soluble vitamin (stimulates collagen production, prevents melanin pigmentation)

  • Vitamin D - Fat-soluble vitamin (enhances calcium absorption and deposition)

  • Vitamin E - Fat-soluble vitamin (improves skin blood circulation)

  • Vitamin K - Fat-soluble vitamin (effective in wound healing)

To effectively incorporate fat-soluble vitamins into the body, it is necessary to consume them with oil. Fat-soluble vitamins have a tendency to mix well with oils, and when consumed with oil, they are more easily absorbed into the body.

Water-soluble vitamins mix well with water, making it easier for them to be excreted from the body even when consumed in large quantities. This leads to fewer issues related to excessive intake of water-soluble vitamins.

Vitamins can be further classified into various types, each with its own specific roles. Having prior knowledge of what each vitamin does may make it easier to incorporate them into the body on a daily basis.

Alinamin: Vitamin Chart

Brain Care Trivia

Canned sardines also contain nutrients. For those who find it challenging to consume a whole fish, utilizing canned sardines is a great option. You can save the leftovers when using canned sardines and use them in different recipes the next day.

Sardine curry or sardine ramen, for example, can be enjoyed by people who are not fond of sardines.

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