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Meditation A few seconds in the morning

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Do you feel difficult to do meditation?

"I don't have time," " It looks complicated," and " I don't think I can do it." etc...

You can start with short periods to get used to it. Then you can eventually empty your mind for more extended periods.

However, it is not easy to find such a convenient thing offered.

But there is!

The crystal singing Youtube can be acclimatized for 30 seconds.

On the train, a little while the children are sleeping, and a little in the toilet at work can be a little meditation time. It is possible to create moments of freedom from the frustration and mistakes you have caused.

This is also a great way to clear your mind before work.

The method is simple. Just concentrate on the sound. Even when an announcement is made on a train, you just pick up the sound you hear from your mobile. If you want to clear your mind as much as possible, here's what I recommend.

Cleaning the mind and heart

About ten years ago in Tokyo, there were a yoga boom, and yoga products were lined up in department stores.

Yoga was covered for various reasons, such as 'spiritual benefits' and 'health benefits, ' all are correct.

Holism, spirituality, and meditation started introducing on TV and in magazines, coinciding with the yoga boom.

Psychic, holistic, and meditation were introduced as a single stream because all disciplines are connected in terms of 'purification'. And by extension, the word 'relaxation' is connected to it.

The relationship between purification and relaxation.

The relationship between purification and relaxation is inseparable.

No matter how much massage is given, it will be painful rather than pleasant if the mind is unsatisfied.

Music is played in places you go to relax, such as massage salons and spas. If it is a spa, well-known songs are played to allow you to stay longer, and if it is a massage, music like the one I have introduced above is played, isn't it?

In an environment that enriches your mind, your five senses are stimulated before getting into the water, warming your body, or treatment.

No one is angry on the way home from karaoke. No one is angry while skipping. Of course, no one is angry while watching a comedy show.

By having fun, healing yourself, and smiling, you will make those around you smile.

Just as you are happy when those around you are happy, those around you are happy when you are happy.

Why is meditation good?

This is because it can change your feelings. In psychology, we learn 'change the switch in the mind, change the switch in the heart.' Flipping the switch of your feelings is what it means to flip the switch.

Changing the place, changing what you are touching, changing your movements, changing the way you speak, just a little bit of attention can change the switch between your mind and your heart and change your mood.

By emptying your head, Your switch becomes '0'. So you can switch off and on your whole body, including your emotions.

For example, when your boss is shouting at you, your subordinates are poking you, and you are getting frustrated. Let's try emptying your head for a moment.

It should calm you down at least a little.

If a bit of ingenuity can make the next few seconds or minutes more enjoyable, anything is worth trying.

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