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What is wellness?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

It is almost impossible to remove stress from everyday life.

Even people who live a problem-free life consider trivial things like nothing to be stressful, while people with major problems usually find it stressful to solve their problems.

How to remove stressors is also a hint to a healthy life.

Health and wellness

"Health and wellness", both sound the same.

Health = a healthy body that is not sick.

The body itself is a healthy body.

Wellness refers to a wide range of things, including health.

Extensive is a term that aims to promote the overall positive and positive well-being of a lifestyle that brings balance to everything related to a single human being, including mental, lifestyle, awareness, self-care, thoughts and spirituality.

Unless your body is healthy, you will be tired easily, you will not be able to move as much as you would like, etc., and you will be far away from wellness. However, this is not the case, and the most important thing in wellness is defined as 'How you are thinking'.

Stress can change the way we look at things and create negative factors, but this is always considered a matter of self-choice.

The National Wellness Institute defines wellness as 'an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices towards, a more successful existence' (an active process through which people become aware of their successful selves and make choices towards, a more successful existence".

Why do we need wellness thinking?

Wellness, meaning physical and mental health, is directly related to quality of life. Nevertheless, an imbalance in mental and physical health can also take time and money to regain.

With the spread of new coronavirus infections (COVID-19) around the world, the term wellness has become more popular than ever before.

This is a result of the belief that if you are concerned about your mental and physical health, your quality of life and well-being can suffer.

Recently, wellness has become a focus not only for the medical sector, but also for industry and the economy. Food and supplement companies in particular are developing their products with 'wellness' in mind.

Head spas, super-public baths, excursions and many other types of businesses are also promoting management with 'wellness' as a goal.

In large companies, new initiatives are being taken every day to protect the physical and mental health of employees. Health check-ups are one such example, as are early detection of illness, in-house counsellors and mindfulness, and the larger the companies are more likely it is that it is adopting these measures.

Quality of life

A quality life does not mean living in a big house and driving a luxury car, but a state of balance in body, mind and environment.

A quality life can be defined as a state of mental stability and contentment, with health as the foundation, and a relaxed state of mind.

A relaxed mind allows for a relaxed body and mind calls

Total healthcare = wellness

Isn't it?

Wellness thinking, well-being.

The two are almost identical, but wellbeing is a concept based on 'happiness'.

You may have heard the term 'wellbeing policy' used in corporate press releases.

This is because we believe that when employees are filled with a sense of well-being, they are more efficient and do better quality work.

Internal relationships and creating a comfortable working environment are also wellbeing-oriented initiatives. Recently, we often see companies advertising "flex-systems", "remote working" and "enhanced benefits".

All of these have one goal: job satisfaction. The goal is for employees to enjoy and be satisfied with their work.

Wellbeing can also be interpreted as referring to mental comfort in wellness initiatives. The similar terms can be summarised respectively as.

well being

Health does not mean not being sick or weak, but being in a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.


'Designing a rich life based on physical health, mental health, environmental health and social health, self-actualisation (2017)'


To be deliberately aware of the experience of the present moment, and to simply watch, without evaluation and without preoccupation.

Health care
Actions and health management to maintain and improve health. The concept of accurately detecting illness at an early stage and dealing with it early on by enhancing self-healing.

Whereas mindfulness refers to mental health, wellbeing refers to the health of the body itself. And all elements are taken together to create wellbeing, which is further broadened to create the definition of wellness.

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